Public deceived by new gas cylinder

Public deceived by new gas cylinder

Public deceived by new gas cylinder

Written by Staff Writer

24 Apr, 2021 | 8:55 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): Consumers say that they have been deceived by the latest 18 litre gas cylinder released to the market by Litro Gas Lanka Ltd.

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. had introduced an 18 litre Premium Hybrid Cylinder to the market at a price of 1395 rupees. The weight of the newly introduced product measures 9.18 kilograms.

The regular 12.5-kilogram gas cylinder sold by Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. is priced at 1493 rupees.

Although the product has been reduced by about 100 rupees, consumers say that the weight has been reduced by three kilos.

“They can sell this to a fool. A person who knows his calculations will not be satisfied,” one consumer said.

Lasantha Alagiyawanna, state minister of consumer protection, said that three state institutions have been informed of the product which Litro Gas Lanka claims to have higher efficiency.

“Once we receive a report by next Friday on the technical aspect of this matter, we will hold discussions with Litro Gas Lanka and take the relevant steps, if there are any changes that needs to be done,” he noted.

Yesterday, Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. had proposed to the Consumer Affairs Authority that they would withdraw 50 percent of its new products from the market.

The company stated that there is no shortage of gas cylinders in the market.

The Association of Self Employed Individuals filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department stating that Rs 406 is being defrauded through the new product.

“They are harming the people based on the wishes of these corrupt individuals. Therefore, we filed a complaint against it,” the association’s convenor Pradeep Charles noted.

Meanwhile, the finance ministry has issued a new concessionary tax rate for Liquefied Petroleum Gas from the 20th of April.

The concessionary Ports and Airport Development Levy for Liquefied Petroleum Gas previously stood at 7.5 percent.

The new rate allows the rate to stand at either 7.5 percent of Rs 2000 per metric tonne, whichever is lowest. This would be until Liquefied Petroleum Gas prices reach 325 US dollars per metric tonne.

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