Samples obtained from Angoda Lokka’s next of kin: Police

Samples obtained from Angoda Lokka’s next of kin: Police

Samples obtained from Angoda Lokka’s next of kin: Police

Written by Pavani Hapuarachchi

13 Feb, 2021 | 8:19 am

COLOMBO (News 1st): Blood samples were obtained from next of kin of notorious underworld don ‘Angoda Lokka’ for DNA tests in order to confirm his death, Sri Lanka Police said.

“India’s Central Bureau of Investigation requested Sri Lanka Police to send DNA profiles in respect of the next of kin of Angoda Lokka to reaffirm the identity of the deceased,” Sri Lanka’s Police Spokesperson, Deputy Inspector General Ajith Rohana told News 1st on Saturday (13).

Upon receiving the request, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Sri Lanka had forwarded a report to the Kalutara Magistrate’s Court which holds jurisdiction power pertaining to Angoda Lokka in connection with the 2017 Prison Bus Attack incident.

Thereby, the Kalutara Magistrate’s Court issued an order to obtain blood samples from the mother and sister of Angoda Lokka; where the samples were retrieved by the Government Analyst’s Department to create a DNA profile, the Deputy Police Chief elaborated.

“The DNA profiles will be sent to the Indian Investigation authorities, which could be used to reaffirm the death of Angoda Lokka,” he noted.

Madduma Lasantha Chandana Perera alias ‘Angoda Lokka’ was identified as one of the four main suspects behind the prison bus attack in Ethanamadala, Kalutara on 9th May 2017, where an unknown gang carried out an attack on a prison bus that left several dead, including notorious underworld leader ‘Samayan.’

According to Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana, five inmates and two officers were killed in the incident.

The preliminary investigation into the Kalutara Prison Bus Attack was launched by Kalutara Police, and later it was taken over by the Criminal Investigation Department, the Deputy Police Chief noted.

“After commencing investigations, the CID arrested 21 suspects in connection with the incident on several occassions, and discovered that four main suspects involved in the crime had fled Sri Lanka; one of them was Angoda Lokka,” DIG Ajith Rohana added.

According to Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana, it was later revealed that Angoda Lokka died in Coimbatore, India in August 2020.

Sri Lanka Police on Saturday (Feb. 13) revealed the Criminal Investigation Department also obtained Red Notices against two suspects involved in the same incident, who fled the country few years ago.

According to Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana the two suspects are:

Dinamulla Kankanamge Nalin Chathuranga alias “Ladiya”

Asantha Kumara Herath alias “Latiya”

Further investigations are underway.

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