25 statements recorded on garbage imports

25 statements recorded on imported garbage containers

by Staff Writer 28-12-2020 | 10:49 PM
COLOMBO(News 1st): Statements have been recorded from 25 individuals regarding the import of garbage containers into Sri Lanka from Ukraine. Members of 8 leading food import companies located along 4th and 5th crossroads in Fort are also among those questioned. A few days ago details of garbage being brought into the country in the guise of importing Corriander The company AGRONIKA TRADE had imported 8 containers on the 10th of this month and 20 containers on the 21st of this month. The value of the containers without customs tax is approximately 75.6 million rupees. 24 of the garbage containers in the custody of Customs are at the Colombo port while 4 others are being held at the Customs Inspection yard. Customs spokesperson Sunil Jayarathne said that investigations are being conducted regarding the garbage containers that were imported. Statements recorded by the intermediaries agents and clearance agents revealed that with information regarding the garbage containers coming to light, the companies that exported the containers had instructed the banks to halt the payments that are due. A number of institutions are due to be called to conduct a scientific investigation on the substances in the containers. The investigations will reveal the content of the containers and the presence of any insects that would be harmful to the environment. We attempted to find details about the Ukrainian company that exported the containers to Sri Lanka. However, the Contact number and fax number of the company were non-responsive.