Death toll from Mahara Prison Riots rises to 11

Death toll from Mahara Prison Riots rises to 11; 117 injured

by Staff Writer 01-12-2020 | 6:18 PM

Colombo (News 1st); Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana speaking News 1st said, the situation at the Mahara Prison has been totally controlled and this afternoon a special operation was conducted successfully without using any force with the participation of 600 officers of the Prison, Sri Lanka Police, and the STF.

The Deputy Police Chief noted, all the inmates who were inside the prison have been sent to their respective cells and detaining areas.

The latest statistics according to the DIG are as follows :

1. 117 Injured, out of which 02 are prison officers.

2. The death toll has been increased to 11 inmates.

3. Autopsies of the bodies will be conducted in due course after the magisterial inquest.

According to DIG Ajith Rohana, 80 inmates are being treated at the Ragama hospital and one remandee is being treated at the National Hospital.

24 inmates have been released from the hospital and transferred to the Colombo Remand Prison.

The situation has been normalized in the Mahara Prison, however, security is provided continuously in the outer perimeter of the Mahara Prison by Police and the STF, the Deputy Police Chief concluded.