Gammadda door-to-door campaign continues

Gammadda door-to-door campaign continues

Gammadda door-to-door campaign continues

Written by Staff Writer

28 Sep, 2020 | 9:37 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): Around 300 families earning a living through the pottery industry in Minuwangoda have been hit due to difficulties in obtaining raw materials, our Gammadda team learnt during its door-to-door campaign.

The individuals whom our Gammadda team met today, have introduced a new water filter crafted out of clay. They are ready to supply the product if there is sufficient demand.

Water sources in the Diddeniya village in Hanwella are depleting due to large scale mining occurring at rock quarries in the area.

This village also lacks a maternity clinic, forcing mothers to trek three kilometres to attend a clinic in the Niripola area.

Adding to their woes are dilapidated roads that have posed severe transportation problems to the people.

250 families in the Bridgewell estate in Bogawantalawa earn a living through the dairy industry. However, they do not have the necessary facilities to engage in livestock farming.

Responsible officials have also turned a blind eye towards them.

These farmers say that a litre of milk fetches them only 70 rupees despite toiling hard throughout the day. The village also lacks a place to dispose garbage.

The request of these villagers is to provide them with cattle feed, just as fertilizer is provided to farmers.

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