People of Kuruwita request for a bridge to ease travel

People of Kuruwita request for a bridge to ease travel

People of Kuruwita request for a bridge to ease travel

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05 Sep, 2020 | 9:31 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): The people of the Adhiriyan Wela village in Kuruwita encounter situations of life and death as they cross the bridge in the area, the Gammadda team in the area learn during its door-to-door campaign.

This bridge that has been made out of vines, is known as the bridge of death among villagers. This is due to the threat that it poses to the lives of the people.

Children who cross the bridge fear that they would fall into the Kuru Ganga that runs beneath it.

The village of Kuruwita is popular for its gems. However, the desperate people in the area poured out their countless woes to the Gammadda team on Sunday.

Around 400 families of the Ututupulam village are yet to consume a single drop of clean drinking water.

Some families who can afford it, obtain water after constructing a tubewell. The others obtain water from any other source that is available.

For those who are unable to fetch water through either of these means, all that is left is sweat and tears.

This village has a river from which 400 families can fulfil their requirements.

The villagers of the Karapola village in the Polonnaruwa district have not been discouraged by their problems.

Desperate to find a solution to the problems posed by wild elephants, these villagers have joined hands to construct an elephant fence.

Wild elephants had claimed the lives of three people recently.

More than 1600 families in the area earn a living by farming. However, their crops have been destroyed by wild elephants that encroach the village.

Apart from the problems posed by wild elephants, the people have also been battered by a shortage of water.

Public Health Inspectors have advised the villagers to avoid consuming water from wells, due to its adverse effects. This has left the people wondering as to how many days they can survive with thirst.

As a last resort, desperate villagers who consume water that is unfit for consumption, are left battling with kidney-related ailments.

The people of Sewanapitiya do not require projects worth millions. All they need is clean drinking water.

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