Who is responsible for dragging SLC to the mouths of chaos and corruption?

Who is responsible for dragging SLC to the mouths of chaos and corruption?

Who is responsible for dragging SLC to the mouths of chaos and corruption?

Written by Staff Writer

04 Jun, 2020 | 3:02 pm

COLOMBO (News1st) : The proposed construction of the Homagama Cricket Stadium took centre stage in the recent past for its exorbitant costs and News 1st constantly reported a series of mismanagement issues which cost public money to the country.

One question always asked by the wellwishers of the game is that who are the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) authorities that neglected their responsibilities in constructing the proposed Hingurakkgoda National Cricket Stadium?

The matter was discussed in an executive meeting that SLC authorities were expecting to obtain a loan from the provisions that will be given by ICC to build the said stadium.

News 1st reported on yet another stadium that was agreed to be constructed by SLC authorities in Padukka.

Also, we reported on the manner in which advertisements were put up to purchase plots of land to build grounds and offices for District Associations.

News 1st extensively reported the current state of the Hingurakkoda National Crick Stadium which was proposed to be built.

Former President Maithripala Sirisena expressing his views on this matter 31st of December last year said that this stadium has been in the making for over 25 years saying that the location was identified and the SLC took over the project in 1995.

He further noted that the country has taken various steps for the betterment of this project but somehow all of them have fallen short throughout the years.

Former President expressed the above views while a current member of the Executive Committee – Sujeewa Godaliyadda who was pioneering the said project was also present beside him.

Thilanga Sumathipala held the position of the Chairman at SLC at the time of the construction of the stadium. Present Chairman of SLC – Shammi Silva was the Treasurer of SLC at the time. Mohan de Silva was the Secretary of SLC at the time.

One highlighted fact is that all these individuals are members of the SLC National Development Committee and National Project Committee.

It is distinctive that although Sri Lanka Cricket’s Administrative Body has been changing over the years, the sad fate befallen upon our country’s most popular sport is due to one particular group merely being greedy for power.

The Audit Report on Sri Lanka Cricket and the COPE Committee revealed much information in to the misdealings and large scale financial misappropriations that took place while these authorities were in charge.

When will the authorities open their eyes and take action against these individuals, who remain in power from the votes they receive from Sri Lanka Club Cricket?

When will the authorities enact the law against these individuals who misuse their authority and led Sri Lanka Cricket to the forefront of corruption in the last few years?

News 1st will keep a close watch.

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