Spike in domestic violence; males vulnerable?

Spike in domestic violence; males vulnerable?

Spike in domestic violence; males vulnerable?

Written by Hassaan Shazuli

08 Apr, 2020 | 10:00 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): The lockdown style curfew in the country has led to increasing incidents of domestic violence, statistics show, while psychology experts underscore the need to make counselling services widely available.

“Approximately 160 people have visited the national hospital in Colombo owing to domestic violence since March 21,” a spokesperson for the hospital told News1st.

According to the spokesperson, a majority of the affected patients were males with figures standing at 110, with the number of affected females at 50.

In March, the government imposed a nationwide curfew to curb the spread of COVID-19, lifting it in certain areas intermittently. Security agencies since then have been conducting programmes to entertain the public.

Earlier this week, the National Institute of Professional Counsellors said the general public can contact 0718699225 or 0773680930 to obtain free counselling services.

“Psychological problems (faced at present), include stress, anxiety, depression, and fear of death due to COVID-19,” Manjula Senanayaka, the secretary to the institute told News1st.

She explained that among the calls received so far, most had been centred around isolation and lack of social contacts, especially among the elderly – who are highly vulnerable to the disease.

“Considering an old couple, if one person dies, what is the partner supposed to do?,” Senanayake queried. “People have lots of questions but who is going to listen to them?”.

The psychological counsellor noted that staying at home for longer days may result in family problems, domestic violence, and depression.

“…promoting counselling services is very important in this situation,” she added.

On Tuesday, seven professors of medicine wrote to the National Centre for the Prevention of COVID – 19 and said that “the curfew has also resulted in a fear psychosis” in the society.

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