Final rites of first COVID-19 victim

Final rites of first COVID-19 deceased patient observed

by Staff Writer 29-03-2020 | 9:54 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st): The final rites of the first patient who passed away after being infected with COVID-19 were observed today (March 29) at the Kotikawatta public cemetery. This was done as per quarantine regulations. According to our correspondent, one member of the family of the deceased had been allowed to enter the Institute of Infectious Diseases and pay his final respects to the remains. The body was then brought to the Kotikawatta public cemetery in a hearse. After the body was cremated the final rites were observed under the supervision of the Judicial Medical Officer and Public health inspectors. Two relatives of the deceased individual were allowed to be present at the body's cremation. After the funeral, the hearse was also disinfected. The 62-year-old man passed away yesterday (March 28) while being treated at the ICU of the Institute of Infectious Diseases. A tour guide by profession, he was fluent in German and provided his services to many German tourists. Our correspondent said that members of his family have also been placed under quarantine.