Coronavirus: 25% to be controlled by authorities, 75% by the people – GMOA

Coronavirus: 25% to be controlled by authorities, 75% by the people – GMOA

Coronavirus: 25% to be controlled by authorities, 75% by the people – GMOA

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21 Mar, 2020 | 8:35 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- The Government Medical Officers Association, during a media briefing in Colombo today, explained the steps that could be taken to protect ourselves from the coronavirus.

Speaking at the briefing, the Assistant Secretary of the GMOA, Dr. Naveen De Soyza said;

“The Italian government imposed a lockdown only after 9000 patients were reported from the country. That was a wrong decision. China managed to control the situation although there were certain setbacks in the process. As a country, we can be happy that we are controlling this situation through certain stringent measures. 72 patients have been identified with the virus. A decision was made to close down airports, and impose a curfew although a single death was not reported.”

He continued to say;

“25% of the contribution to control this situation can be given by the government and the health authorities. The remaining 75% has to be fulfilled by the people. People wear face masks. But they lower them while answering a call before lifting it up again. As a result of that, the hand touches the face mask. Recently the World Health Organisation said that the new coronavirus can survive on surfaces for around three hours through droplets of saliva. People are more likely to be affected by this. If we remove a face mask and leave it on a table, children might use it. Then the face mask becomes a tool in spreading the virus. Testing at private hospitals which cost Rs 17,000, has been brought down to Rs 6000 by the government. If a person is tested positive, it means he has the virus. Some people undergo self quarantining after realizing that they have been affected. We wish to clearly state that quarantining is the process in which unaffected patients confine themselves to a facility. Those who are affected should not stay at home without receiving treatment. That can cause severe repercussions.”

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