Kumara Welgama launches a new political party with backing by CBK

Kumara Welgama launches a new political party with backing by CBK

Kumara Welgama launches a new political party with backing by CBK

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06 Mar, 2020 | 7:38 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – Former minister Kumara Welgama launched a new political movement called the ‘Nava Lanka Nidahas Pakshaya’ today. The launch of the new party, which took place in Pitakotte, was held under the theme, ‘A Clean Bandaranaike Policy.’ Some electoral organizers of the SLFP attended the event during which the party’s policy was also unveiled.

Addressing the gathering Welgama stated that soon after the 2015 loss of Mahinda Rajapaksa, he went up to the former president and explained that his loss was caused family members around him. He went onto note that the former president accepted his explanation.

The leader of the Nava Lanka Nidahas Pakshaya noted that they would fight against nepotism and the Rajapaksa force. While stating that the people are afraid of the current administration, Welgama expressed the belief that joining the opposition would allow them the chance to defeat the current administration. He went onto state that many SLFPers will not vote for the SLPP.

General Secretary of the new party, Thilak Weeragoda stated that during the Presidential election SLFP organisers called for a candidate of their own, but that it did not materialize. He noted that the SLFP will be heavily criticized for siding with the SLPP. He added that the new party has the support and the blessings of former President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga attended a number of events in the Aththanagalle electorate today. Speaking to reporters at the St. Mary’s College in Weyangoda explained that members of the current administration behave like animals in Parliament and that they are looting the country instead of governing it.

The former President explained that the country is lacking proper leaders. She noted that learning to read or write does not make someone a leader. Commenting on the SLFP, the former President stated that the SLFP was created by the people but it has now become the tail being wagged by another party.


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