Ranjan Ramanayake further remanded till February 12

Ranjan Ramanayake further remanded till February 12

Ranjan Ramanayake further remanded till February 12

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07 Feb, 2020 | 10:42 pm

Colombo (News 1st): MP Ranjan Ramanayake who is currently in remand custody was escorted today to the Government Analyst’s Department to record voice samples. The Minister was taken to the Government Analyst’s Department at 10:30 this morning.

Journalist: Will the voice samples match?

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: Everyone who spoke with me are out in the open. I alone am in custody. I ask the President as to why the law is not enforced equally against everyone. The owner of a drug channel Raynor Silva attempted to kill the son of Padmini Ranawaka Gunatilake. I had given her protection. That is not illegal. All of this is done by the drug lords channel. I would like to ask the general public and the Maha Sangha to unite against drugs and unite against the drug lord’s channel.

Journalist: Who is the CJ who spoke with you?

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: I will never betray my sources. I did all of this to nab thieves. There are 7 conversations in the Hazard. There are phone conversations with two Presidents. There are conversations with cabinet ministers. There is a voice recording of a cabinet minister’s wife. In any other country, a person who tries to arrest thieves would have been welcomed with a garland.

Journalist: What happened to you? Where did you go wrong?

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: I did not go wrong anywhere. I worked honestly. Tell me one theft that I was involved in?

Journalist: Do you have the conversations you had with those Presidents?

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: I told all of them, let’s put these thieves behind bars. I have never asked for a thief to be released.

Journalist: So have you spoken with Mahinda Rajapaksa as well?

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: There is a conversation with Mahinda. I only released one but I have many more. In one of those conversations, he says that I am free because of him. His heart knows that he said it.

As per an order issued by courts over the leaked voice recordings, voice samples were recorded from Ranjan Ramanayake.

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: If I did not do anything, like the other, this wouldn’t have happened to me. This happened to me because I attempted to nab thieves and not because I stole anything. This is the money of drug lords. The drug lords are behind this.

Journalist: What will happen to Hirunika?

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: Everyone had spoken with me. What I mostly did was nabbing thieves. So nothing will happen to her because she hasn’t stolen anything.

Journalist: Hirunika has been caught up in many problems

MP Ranjan Ramanayake: No, she would not fall into trouble like that. She is an intelligent woman, her husband is also an intelligent man. They will face it. History will acquit me. Everything I did, I did to catch thieves.

The Parliamentarian was remanded until the 12th of this month after he was produced before the Nugegoda Magistrates’ Court. MP Ramanayake requested the general public to record from their phones and use CCTV, then many of these thieves can be caught.

Meanwhile, a decision was made at the party leader’s meeting to make the recordings of MP Ranjan Ramanayake’s telephone conversations available to all parliamentarians after removing profanity.

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