Ranjan Ramanyake further remanded

Ranjan Ramanyake further remanded

Ranjan Ramanyake further remanded

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29 Jan, 2020 | 5:17 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake was further remanded until February 12th, earlier today (Jan 29). The Colombo Crimes Division arrested Ranjan Ramanayake on the 15th of this month over charges of engaging in telephone conversations with judges and influencing the judiciary.

The Parliamentarian who was remanded was produced to Nugegoda Magistrate U.H.K. Pelpola.

Ranjan Ramanayake: I have submitted the call recordings to the Parliament

Journalist: They say they have not been submitted.

Ranjan Ramanayake: No, they have been given. Go and check.

Journalist:  They say it’s not there

Ranjan Ramanayake: Regardless of what they say, I know I submitted them. I have submitted 7 call recordings.

Journalist:  They have not been tabled

Ranjan Ramanayake: Go and check the Hansard in Parliament

Journalist: Are you certain?

Ranjan Ramanayake: Definitely.

When the case was called up today, State counsel Janaka Bandara appearing for the Attorney General said, further investigations into the matter are being carried out. Hence the State Counsel said, he objects the granting of bail for Ranjan Ramanayake until the investigations are concluded.

The State Counsel pointed out that if Ranjan Ramanayake is granted bail, he would make various comments to the media. State Counsel request court to further remand Ranjan Ramanayake until the court case is concluded as there is a possibility of him influencing witnesses through various other people.

President’s Counsel Neville Abayaratne appearing for Ranjan Ramanayake said, if his client is granted bail, he would not hinder the investigation process. The President’s Counsel requested for the Parliamentarian to be released on any sort of bail condition since a travel ban has already been imposed on him.

The Additional Magistrate who then considered facts rejected the request to grant bail and further remanded Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake until February 12th. The suspect is to be directed to the Government Analyst on February 7th, in order to obtain voice samples.

Journalist: They say the voices do not match. Does that mean you will be released?

Ranjan Ramanayake: Exactly, there are 124,000 call recordings. They are listening to my call recordings instead of nabbing those responsible for the bond scam. We thought Gotabaya would develop this country like Putin.

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