Ranjan’s parliament speech includes 6 blatant lies: MP Gammanpila

Ranjan’s parliament speech includes 6 blatant lies: MP Gammanpila

Ranjan’s parliament speech includes 6 blatant lies: MP Gammanpila

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23 Jan, 2020 | 9:21 pm

Colombo (News 1st): MP Udaya Gammanpila responded to the statement made by MP Ranjan Ramanayake in parliament. Various opinions have been expressed on social media regarding the statement made by Ranjan Ramanayake about an incident faced by popular actor Shahruk Khan.

MP Udaya Gammanpila responding to these views noted that some have misinterpreted this statement he made, and think that he was responsible for the attack on Shahruk Khan. He said that various opinions are being circulated on social media in this regard. He added that though MP Ranjan Ramanyaka was awarded as the most popular actor several times, his best performance as an actor was on the 21st of January while addressing the parliament.

He went onto note:

MP Udaya Gammanpila: His speech includes 6 blatant lies. Firstly, there is no such thief who will be unveiled through his voice recordings. But there is an actual hero in this story. A close friend of MP Ramanyaka decided to hand over the voice recordings to the police. This person is a hero. Why was an MP in the opposition jailed for even one day. It is because he tried to influence a judge. The MP tried to bribe the mudaliyar with a bottle of arrack, to try to gain advantage in a case. He disregarded the seniority of a judge and conspired to get her a promotion at the court of appeal. He tried to influence the police and the judiciary to impose a death sentence on another member of the opposition. He pressurized an individual who gave a loan to his friend and tried to influence him not to recover that loan using his position as a minister. These are the stories that were revealed through voice recordings. These conversations had nothing to do with nabbing thieves. Ranjan Ranamayaka is the thief.

MP Mujibur Rahuman: You did not speak anything about Shahruk Khan.

MP Udaya Gammanpila: If someone questions me in this regard, all I could say is the gossip that everyone already knows about. If I do know anything more than that, I would have shared this information with everyone.

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