Presidential Commission on 4/21 attacks records evidence

Presidential Commission on 4/21 attacks records evidence

Presidential Commission on 4/21 attacks records evidence

Written by Staff Writer

21 Dec, 2019 | 9:25 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Presidential Commission appointed to look into the April 21st attacks recorded evidence today (December 21) as well. IP Sudathsiri Upendra, the Personal Assistant of the Colombo North Superintendent of Police, arrived today to share evidence.

At a witness hearing yesterday it was revealed that Inspector Sudathsiri Upendra had telephoned the OIC of the Kochchikade Foreshore Police Station to alert him of the potential threat on either April 11th or a date close to this. The witness stated that on April 11th, 2019, he received a message from the Colombo North DIG’s office stating that there was a possibility of an attack.

The Personal Assistant to the SP said that although he had tried to notify the Colombo North SP Sanjaya Bandara regarding this, his phone had been switched off. However, the witness provided a lengthy explanation before the Presidential Commission regarding his attempts to convey the message to Police Stations in the Colombo North.

The witness also stated that the SP Sanjaya Bandara had proposed to revise the daily information book following the attacks. When the State Counsel inquired the reasons, Sudathsiri Upendra said that it was proposed to ensure that the information received to his office has been circulated to the required parties.

Sudathsiri Upendra, the Personal Assistant to the Superintendent of Police, had earlier made statements to the investigating teams of the Presidential Commission and other investigating teams regarding the attack and noted that these were shared based on the instructions of the SP.

However, IP Sudathsiri Upendra said that he independently decided to share evidence today.

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