NDF Party Leaders meeting to be held tomorrow

NDF Party Leaders meeting to be held tomorrow

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26 Nov, 2019 | 8:07 pm

Colombo (News 1st): According to reports, a meeting had taken place at the Speaker’s official residence between Ranil Wickremesinghe and Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, regarding the crisis over the positions of the Opposition Leader and Leader of the United National Party. Several party representatives expressed their views in this regard.

Former Minister Mano Ganesan has posted the following statement on Facebook, this morning.

”Based on information received from the UNP, Ranil Wickremesinghe has agreed to step down as leader of the UNP. It is highly probable that Sajith Premadasa will takeover party leadership. A party leaders’ meeting of the UNP led United National Front, will take place either today or tomorrow. A decision regarding the post of Opposition Leader will be taken during this meeting.”

When we inquired in this regard, a spokesperson of the NDF said, the respective party leader’s meeting is due to take place tomorrow (November 27). Meanwhile, former minister Ravi Karunanayake expressed the following views, with regard to the present state of the UNP.

MP Ravi Karunanayake said at this point, they should not point fingers at anyone. He said if they do point fingers, we will have to point fingers at everyone. He went onto note that the working committee and political associations are currently holding discussions discreetly. Karunanayake said they must think about their country and go forward and at this point, it may be Sajith Premadasa, it maybe him, or it maybe Ranil Wickremesinghe or Karu Jayasuriya. He said that they must all work together, and act on behalf of the 5.5 million people who voted for them.

Speaking regarding this UNP MP Niroshan Perera said they handed over a document including the signatures of many MPs, requesting that Sajith Premadasa be appointed the leader of the opposition. He said based on the information they have received so far, a large force from other parties in the opposition has developed. He believes Karu Jayasuriya, as the speaker of parliament, will accept their democratic request and will support Sajith Premadasa to carry out his duties as the opposition leader.

UNP MP V. Radhakrishnan also spoke on this regard;

V. Radhakrishnan: If there is a good and effective leader coming forward, we too can come forward. We must appoint a good leader.

Journalist: Do you think Sajith Premadasa should come forward as the leader?

V. Radhakrishnan: I believe it is good if he takes over as leader. Even the people share the same view. The people’s mandate is our mandate.

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