Revelations by former MP Sajin De Vaas Gunawardene: Part 3

Revelations by former MP Sajin De Vaas Gunawardene: Part 3

Revelations by former MP Sajin De Vaas Gunawardene: Part 3

Written by Staff Writer

09 Nov, 2019 | 7:44 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Former MP Sajin De Vaas Gunawardene made yet another revelation during a media briefing held in Ambalangoda, where he spoke about an affidavit connected to the construction of the Shangri la hotel.

“We all know that the army headquarters was previously based where the Shangri la hotel is currently located. I have the affidavit that includes the content of this transaction. This affidavit was issued by an individual identified as Chidambaram Subbu, the director, shareholder, and owner of a company known as TPL Inter. TPL Inter Private Limited and Halliard Limited entered into a contract on behalf of Shangri la to initiate their hotel projects in Sri Lanka. This affidavit clearly states that a consultancy agreement was signed between TPL Inter Private Limited and Halliard Limited for US$ 5 million,  or nearly Rs. 1 billion. This was the bribe and commission they took.”

He continued to say that this affidavit states, the funds were used to purchase the Tangalle Bay Hotel where funds were also given to the media institution known as CSN. Quoting the affidavit he says, the US$ 5 million that TPL Inter Private Limited received was as per the agreement with Halliard on behalf of Shangri la.

“The affiant Mr Chidambaram also says that he will appear in any judicial trial in Sri Lanka to bear testimony as and when requested by the relevant authorities. The affiant Mr Chidambaram has included in his affidavit the relevant bank accounts and confirms that all funds from Halliard on behalf of Shangri la was remitted to his company, TPL Inter Private limited. The affidavit speaks of his association with Mr Madhu Rao of Shangri La and says Namal Rajapaksa and Yoshitha Rajapaksa benefitted from these funds through Carlton Sports Network and Amtrad Holdings Limited. Chidambaram in his affidavit clearly states these funds were given to Namal Rajapaksa’s and Yoshita Rajapaksa’s Carlton Sports Network and Amtrad Holdings. Chidambaram concludes saying and I quote, I have read the affidavit in all four pages, and signed below, in the presence of Mr.Ravindra Waidyalankara, Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police and Mr.S.A.A.Gunewardena, Police Seargent on the 28th of October 2015 in Singapore.” states the former MP.

Sajin De Vaas questions the people; what happened to the matter since that day (28th October 2015). He further confessed that although he has not engaged in any of these wrongdoings that he was involved in coordinating it and that the reason he possesses the required documents is that he was part of coordinating the transaction. The former MP adds that everyone gets a time to speak out and that this is his, while further saying that the FCID is already in possession of this affidavit and said that he will testify as a witness if the required action is filed against this.


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