Mahesh Senanayake requests the public to join the change

Mahesh Senanayake requests the public to join the change

Written by Staff Writer

08 Nov, 2019 | 10:33 pm

Colombo (News 1st): A ceremony to evaluate grass root politicians associated with the National People’s Party was held in Colombo today (November 8). This was held under the auspices of Presidential Candidate of the National Peoples Party General Mahesh Senanayake. Representatives of several youth organizations and representatives of the National People’s Party participated at this event.

Speaking at the event former Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe noted that the Minister takes the decision, any decisions which are taken by the Minister are implemented by the Secretary. He said the law stops there with the secretary and this is a serious issue, even after 30 to 40 years still this hasn’t changed. He said they won’t change this because the present political atmosphere does not obey the law.

Speaking about financial regulations he noted;

“Financial regulations are a circular. This circular can be changed by the Finance Minister or by the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and issued. But since ’48 no politician has interfered to change this. This is the biggest issue this country faces. Recently a critical court verdict was given regarding the white cloth issue; the secretary was found guilty. But no public announcement was made saying that I instructed to do so. We can make this nation take a giant leap. Because these decisions are taken fraud and corruption will surely stop. We know there’s much controversy surrounding the recently built Lotus Tower. But still, no actions have been taken. So far it has been dragged on for years because they built it on an unsolicited basis. Most of the projects in Sri Lanka are unsolicited. It means they are done beyond the tender procedure because most of these bills then contain commissions, these can’t even be found.”

Speaking at the event Presidential Candidate General  Mahesh Senanayaka noted that he is questioned as to what he would do after the elections. He noted that this is only one stage. He clearly stated that he will not give this up and go backwards but forwards. He noted that he stood with the people to realize the dreams of the youth of the nation and the public until then he will remain with the people, this is that juncture.

Senanayake noted that they followed a route and now they are at a T-junction. He said from this T- Junction they should decide whether they are to make a left turn or a right turn. He requested the public’s support. He requested them to forget about the past and those parties and join this change. He noted that if they are to realize your dreams they should definitely join this change. He noted that in this team there is no one who is unnecessary.

Meanwhile, Specialist, Dr Ranil Jayasena pledged his support to the National Peoples Party;

“You know during the past I was engaged in politics with the JVP. Even I had my hopes in the JVP expecting them to provide the proper solution to the issues the people face; but a proper solution was not provided. And now it has turned into a political crisis, the responsibility should be taken by the JVP and partly the responsibility falls upon me. Later I realized the ideal candidate who can, in fact, provide the proper solution, is Mahesh Senanayaka of the National Peoples Party.”


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