International policies were always based on commissions the leaders were offered : Anura Kumara

International policies were always based on commissions the leaders were offered : Anura Kumara

International policies were always based on commissions the leaders were offered : Anura Kumara

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04 Nov, 2019 | 9:40 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Presidential Candidate of the National People’s Power Movement Anura Kumara Dissanayaka attended a media briefing in Colombo today (November 04).

The media briefing was attended by a group of intellectuals supporting the National People’s Power Movement.

Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Presidential Candidate of the National People’s Power:

“Our manifesto includes the required proposals and strategies to ensure the public is provided with all the necessary services. Our party is equipped with a group that is capable of developing this country. So what’s the problem we face?

How can we obtain the power to implement all of our proposals? We can only obtain power through the votes of the general public. It takes centuries for a transformation of society. We believe this upcoming presidential election will be a turning point for us.”

Journalist: In your manifesto, you speak of a new constitution?

Anura Kumara responded that they believe a new amendment is necessary following the latest amendments to the constitution. He added that they would draft a new constitution after obtaining a public mandate.

Journalist: What is your stance on the rehabilitated political prisoners?

Anura Kumara:

“There were three factors that strengthened the LTTE. Weapons, funds and international connections. All three factors were fulfilled by Kumaran Padmanadan, better known as KP.

You may remember how they created much controversy that KP was brought to Sri Lanka. However, he was not arrested or taken to courts. He lives freely. I visited a prisoner. Why was he arrested? for possessing a passport belonging to the LTTE.

However, the passport was signed by Daya Master. At that point, Daya Master was free while this man was in jail. How can that happen? Under certain punishable offences, the maximum jail period is 7 years. However, there are some who have been in remand for more than 20 years. In my view, this is more of a social justice issue, than a legal issue.”

Journalist: What’s your stance on foreign affairs?

“Anura Kumara: Up to date, every government tried to balance with certain international powers. Based on the events that transpired in the past, international policies were based on who paid the leaders most, and not about national priorities.

I state this with responsibility, certain presidents had obtained money from Chinese companies. The reason why Sri Lanka distanced or grew closer to certain countries was the benefits and commissions.”

Journalist: What is your strategy for national security?

Anura Kumara:

“Now the biggest threat is the extremism that is growing within certain factions. There are only three solutions to this issue. One, do not make extremism a part of politics. Two, do not keep room for extremism within any community. Three, The maximum will be the police.”

Journalist: In terms of drugs?

Anura Kumara:

“Anyone who does business with a value of more than Rs 2 billion is powerful in terms of wealth and politics. Shouting that the death penalty should be introduced is just political marketing. The death sentence will not eradicate the drug menace. Those who bring drugs into the country should be punished.”


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