I promise a highway to Ruwanpura : Sajith Premadasa

I promise a highway to Ruwanpura : Sajith Premadasa

I promise a highway to Ruwanpura : Sajith Premadasa

Written by Staff Writer

03 Nov, 2019 | 7:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa attended 6 rallies across the country today (November 03).

He attended rallies in Kalawana, Maapalagama, Alpitiya, Kosgoda and Bandaragama.

Speaking at Kalawana Sajith Premadasa said:

“I would like to state that as a person who is planning on conducting a large amount of work Sajith Premadasa will make the dream of a highway to Ruwanpura a reality.

I must say something to the Police officer. The bata allowance of Rs 20,000 that we gave them was halted after our opponents complained to the Elections Commission.

After being appointed as the president on the 16th, within 72 hours I will provide you with your bata allowance. Not only that, we will definitely take steps to provide food rations as well.

I will not treat anyone differently, we won’t consider any differences in position, I will provide the food ration to all officers equally. Everyone has only one mouth and one stomach, it doesn’t change according to their positions.

This country does not need the same old people again. The country needs young blood that can gather the support of the youth, women and children of this country.”

UNP MP Hesha Vithanage:

“Gotabaya Rajapaksa has brought the Pohottuwa to a place where people are even jeering at Mahinda Rajapaksa. Can Mahinda Rajapaksa come on a stage and say that he will abolish the Millenium Challenge Corporation if he even mistakenly comes into power.

We challenge Mahinda Rajapaksa to say that he will not enter into any agreements with the United States. He can never say that. Rajapaksa cannot even move with them. They are trying to poison the minds of our people to get their vote. This time they are playing all the games that they can.

The owner of the yellow colour gas is a person who campaigns for the Pohottuwa. He is blocking gas from coming into the country. He has blocked you from purchasing gas cylinders.

We would like to tell him that if he wants to continue to supply gas to the people of the country if you want to continue your business do not be fooled by the Rajapaksa clan and continue your business without inconveniencing the people of the country or you will have to face some problems in the future.

You cannot use cheap games like this and acquire the seat of the first citizen, the president of the country. If you have any strength come before Sajith Premadasa and face him for one minute. I would like to remind you that you cannot hide in the forest and play these games.”

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