Wages will be increased by 107% : Sajith Premadasa

Wages will be increased by 107% : Sajith Premadasa

Wages will be increased by 107% : Sajith Premadasa

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30 Oct, 2019 | 9:29 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Presidential candidate of the New Democratic Front Minister Sajith Premadasa attended public rallies held in the North, North Central, Eastern, North-Western and Western Provinces today (October 30).

A public rally was held in Minuwangoda:

UPFA MP Ruwan Ranatunga pledged his support to Minister Sajith Premadasa during this rally. Minister Sajith Premadasa also attended another public rally held earlier today in Vavuniya.

Minister Sajith Premadasa, Presidential Candidate:

“There were several communities that were directly affected by the adversities of the civil war. I am too a member of a family that was directly affected by the war. I can understand what you are going through.

After ending the war and establishing peace the first thing that should be done is to gather the international community and hold conferences to raise funds. I can promise you that once I am elected I will hold fundraising conferences for the North and the East.

I will bring down all the powerful nations with developed economies down to the North and the East and under my guidance and supervision make sure that the North and the East gets the development that was withheld from them for 10 years.

We will rebuild the tanks. We will develop a hydraulic civilization under the name “Wari Udhawa” and with that, we will build the agriculture of this nation and through this program, we will strengthen the farmers of this nation and ensure a good future for all of you”

The people of Medawachchiya, Anuradhapura welcomed Presidential Candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa warmly. Former Minister W.B. Ekanayake pledged his allegiance to Minister Sajith Premadasa at this rally.

Minister Sajith Premadasa:

“In the recent past, wages were increased by 107%, I promise to do the same under my governance.

I will sign a pledge with the farmers of this country in the days to come and I will ensure that all the clauses of this pledge will be turned into law in this nation and I Sajith Premadasa will lead this nation into a Golden era of agriculture.”

During the public rally held last evening at Kirulapana, Colombo Urban Counsellor Uma Chandra-prakash extended her support to Sajith Premadasa and joined him on stage.

Sajith Premadasa, Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front:

“I will provide two sets of uniform material and a pair of shoes for all students. I will ensure all students are treated equally. My opponents don’t understand this, as they have no heart or soul. They only have practised to murder and abduct people.

My opponents are experts in the field of violating human rights. We will empower our children to ensure that they will value humanity and take this country towards development. The responsibility of constructing houses will be taken under one ministry and by 2025,  I will solve the housing issue across the entire country. There are issues with land deeds of houses. These lands deeds are required when enrolling your children to schools. As the future president of this country, I will ensure all of these issues are resolved.”

UNP MP S.M.Marikkar:

“Sajith Premadasa’s father was killed by terrorists. Sarath Fonseka is someone who was injured while defeating the terrorists. With these two powerful individuals on our team, how can national security be of any concern?

Some are of the view that national security means holding the position of defence secretary or looting from deals where MIG aircraft are imported for the Air Force.

Some think it’s about constructing memorials for their parents, from public funds. We must defeat them, and the defeat must be initiated from Colombo.”

Rosy Senanayake, Mayor of Colombo:

“For 25 years since losing Ranasinghe Premadasa, we did not have a president from the UNP. Today, after 25 years, we have in front of us, a president who has won the mandate of a majority.

A president who can unite all communities, a president who will solve the problems of everyone, empower women and strengthen the economy. Ranasinghe Premadasa never involved his children in politics.

One day MP Ducan Fernando invited young Sajith Premadasa on stage for some reason. The next day, MP Dunken Fernando was scolded by MP Lawrence Madiwela, stating that Sajith was too young and he should not be involved in any politics.”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe”:

“When Minister Sajith Premadasa entered politics, he had to work very hard. He was then appointed as an organizer. He was elected to parliament in 2001. He then served as the Deputy Minister of Health.

Afterwards, we were all part of the opposition. He was then appointed as the Minister of Housing Construction and Cultural Affairs. On the other side, there is someone who has never been part of the parliament.

How can he take the country forward? How can he initiate development in the country? Today, we can all speak of the development taking place. I challenge Gotabaya Rajapaksa to come forward and present an effective and efficient plan as ours.”


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