Navin requests a PM from hill country

Navin Dissanayake requests Sajith Premadasa to appoint a PM from hill country

by Staff Writer 29-10-2019 | 10:01 PM
COLOMBO(News 1st) - Another meeting to extend support to Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa was held today (October 29) in Yatinuwara. This meeting was held at Pothupitiya bus stand in Yatinuwara under the auspices of Minister Naveen Dissanayake and Parliamentarian Mayantha Dissanayake. UNP MP Mayantha Dissanayake: "You know that there was a conflict between the father of Sajith Premadasa, Ranasinghe Premadasa and my father Gamini Dissanayake. However, this generation expected this government to work like in '77. I apologize to all of you that this coalition government didn't work out." Navin Dissanayake, National Organiser of the UNP: "Our fathers did not put the Saatakaya on us. The poor innocent people of this country crowned us. Therefore we don't want to be gypsies in politics. We have a good history. We have worked. The United National Party is fielding the son of Premadasa as the presidential candidate. Sajith Premadasa has done politics for 20 years. These are not things that they received for free. They had to fight for these. My father told me that you do not receive anything for free. You must fight for everything. Mayantha Dissanayake and Navin Dissanayake will fight for the positions. We have a request when Sajith Premadasa becomes the President; we want the Prime Minister to be from the hill country. We don't mind as to who it is. The PM has to be from the hill country. Because it will be through the 200,000 to 300,000 votes that will make him the President. Meanwhile, S.B. Dissanayake made a statement today at Kandy, regarding ministerial posts of a government under Sajith Premadasa. UPFA MP S.B. Dissanayake: According to Sajith Premadasa, his government will be a brand new one. I would like to ask him since there is an agreement as well, will you not give the position of the Prime Minister to the mastermind of the bond scam. If that is the case, then as Navin Dissanayake claims the Prime Ministership will be given to someone from Kandy. Will Ravi Karunanayake be in his cabinet? Will Rishad be in his cabinet? Make a statement about who will be included in your brand new cabinet.