Sajith Premadasa unveils youth charter

Sajith Premadasa unveils youth charter

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28 Oct, 2019 | 9:02 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front, Sajith Premadasa unveiled his Youth Charter today (October 28).

The event which was held ceremoniously was attended by a large number of youth.

Presidential Candidate, Sajith Premadasa coming into a social agreement with the youth was the highlight of today’s event.

14 main points and many sub-points including diversity and social integration, respecting the privacy of the youth, the participation of the youth in state administration and decision making, education and skills development, reducing poverty, sustainable livelihood, and employment of the youth were the contents of the charter.

Sajith Premadasa:

“According to the social contract that we make as the president of the country, within the first three months, I promise to provide the maximum support needed for the youth of this country by formulating laws in parliament.

Through this charter, we will put on a legal footing policy for you to embark on whichever social, economic or political path that you want to, and to go to the peak of any sector that you want.

We will make your strength the strength of the country and make it a cornerstone in the development of this country. The responsibility of this charter is to allow you to take up leadership in our country’s journey to development.

I would like to tell you that I have no intention of becoming a president that will enjoy the luxuries at the expense of the money of taxpayers of our country. I would like to state that we will completely put a stop to the era where duty-free vehicles were brought down for the President and the leaders of the country.”

Meanwhile, presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa took to social media platform Twitter today to express his policy on women empowerment.

The tweet reads, “More than half of the adolescent girls in Sri Lanka miss school during their periods according to UNICEF, impacting girls’ education. Our Government reduced a 100% levy on sanitary products to 63% but thousands of women still suffer stigma and put themselves at risk every month.”

It further added, “I will not shy away from this conversation. If we are serious about women’s empowerment, this is a basic place to begin. Until sustainable cost-effective alternatives are found, I stand by my promise to provide sanitary hygiene products for free.”

Sajith Premadasa in his tweet also stated, “I remain committed to women’s rights. I will wear the #padman label proudly. In my view, it is certainly preferable to being the #manwiththevan.”


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