A new self-sufficient and rich Sri Lanka : Sajith Premadasa

A new self-sufficient and rich Sri Lanka : Sajith Premadasa

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25 Oct, 2019 | 7:38 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Presidential candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa attended a public rally in Kamburupitiya today (October 25). Civil activists, political representatives, and professionals supporting Sajith Premadasa attended the event.

Speaking at the event he noted that if they are to go forward and develop as a country, national resources must be equally distributed among the general public. He said it is now time for a change and as a 52-year-old well-experienced politician, he came forward to serve the general public. He added that he is prepared to sacrifice everything.

Premadasa noted that in his view, the president’s position is a strong and effective weapon that can render a massive service to the people. He added that unlike the previous government, they will not shoot at people in Rathupaswala when they demand water, will not murder anyone when they request for fuel subsidies, or protest against the government for looting from the EPF. He noted that they will protect the youth and females of this country.

The Presidential Candidate noted that his opponent says he will create a safe country. Sajith Premadasa questioned his opponent as to how he will create a safe country. He stressed that when they (Gotabaya Rajapksa) were in power, the chairman of a Pradeshiya saba sexually abused women, and when he celebrated the 100th round of abuse at his residence, Sajith questioned where was Gotabaya then? Sajith Premadasa pledged to create a new, self-sufficient and rich Sri Lanka.

A group of Sri Lanka Freedom Party members of the Dickwella Pradeshiya Sabha attended the event to extend their support to the Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front.

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