Government employees will be empowered to take decisions with no interference-Gotabaya Rajapaksa

by Staff Writer 22-10-2019 | 7:59 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st) - Presidential candidate of the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna Gotabaya Rajapaksa addressed public rallies in the Galle district today (October 22). Gotabaya Rajapaksa received a warm response from the public that had gathered for the rally in the town of Neluwa. Mahinda Rajapaksa questioned the difference brought to Sri Lanka during the current government. He requested the public to compare the current prices of the essential items such as tea and bombay onions. He added that during his government they took care of the common people while the current government is taking revenge from them. He went on to note that they increased the value of the national resources and the current value- addition projects were put to a halt by the current government. Moreover, the national resources of the country have been sold off. He added that these are the consequence of a single wrong decision. He further added that the general public want an action plan and a vision to develop the country. He shared that the law and order within the country is declining while the underworld is ruling this country. He finally added that it was high time to change this. Gotabaya Rajapaksa: "Back then, we established security with the integration of the security forces, tri forces, police, and all the intelligence units. However, the present government did not prioritize national security. They were not concerned about the general public. The cabinet is suppressed by international forces. This government does not care for the local farmers and cultivators. They permitted the importation of low-quality tea and pepper. Therefore, we lost the place we had for tea in the world market. This is where government intervention is required. We will stop the importation of low-quality tea and pepper." Subsequently, Gotabaya Rajapaksa attended the public rally in Baddegama today. Mahinda Rajapaksa questioned who is responsible for the state of the agriculture sector? He stated that the government is blaming them for their fault. He added that wherever the prime minister goes he would turn it to an industrial district, but they all are false promises just as he promised free wifi along with a Volkswagon factory. He went on to note that the prime minister recently promised to offer gym equipment for each area and this would be carried out and simultaneously they would offer drugs as well. He finally added that both SLFP and SLPP are together and on the 16th they would win. Gotabaya Rajapaksa: "We will create a well-disciplined efficient, and productive movement. Without an efficient and productive government, we cannot take the country forward. During our government, we ensured the state sector employee was given his rightful position. This was how we achieved speedy economic growth. However, at present, state sector employment has been ridiculed. A large amount of state sector employees were summoned to the FCID and were harassed. These officers are afraid to make a decision today. The presidential secretary was imprisoned. Without empowering the state sector employee we cannot take the country forward. We will ensure a governance system that will be transparent. The state sector employee will be empowered to make decisions with no interference.