“Foreign embassies controls SL politics” – Presidential candidate Duminda Nagamuwa

“Foreign embassies controls SL politics” – Presidential candidate Duminda Nagamuwa

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13 Oct, 2019 | 9:22 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- The third national conference of the Frontline Socialist Party was held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium today (October 13). The event was held under the auspices of Presidential candidate of the Frontline Socialist Party Duminda Nagamuwa.

The future plans of the party were presented at the conference and all those present also made a special pledge.

Addressing the people gathered he said:

“It has been eight years since the Lalith Kugan brothers were abducted and we still do not know what happened to them. They stole them away from us. What is the challenge we have at this 3rd national conference? The embassies in the country are controlling the politics of this country. It is the embassies like the American embassy, the Chinese embassy and the Indian embassy that controls the politics of this country. They control these puppets and the results of these actions affect us. It affects the people of this country. They will only get the commission they need if they move along this path. We are trapped. We know of the agreements that have been struck. What is this SOFA agreement? No matter which of these two teams wins the election we know that the lady from the American embassy will bring this agreement, she will bring it and ask them to sign it.”

He further said that – “After the 16th of this month, the act to abolish the pensions of the state sector employees will be presented. The act that has been prepared to loot the EPF funds of the private sector employees is also due to be presented. They are waiting to loot the hundreds of thousands of acres of land of belonging to the farming community of this country. We will have to watch this drama unfold after the 16th. We are taking this message to the general public. Let’s think of what will happen to us after the 16th. When the elections are over one of these actors will win and the general public of the country will loose.”

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