One year after financial scam at SLC, questions remain unanswered

One year after financial scam at SLC, questions remain unanswered

Written by Staff Writer

02 Oct, 2019 | 10:10 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – News 1st reported large scale financial misappropriation that occurred at Sri Lanka Cricket.

Sri Lanka Cricket issuing a press release on September 10, 2018 revealed that funds that the SLC was supposed to receive as the broadcast rights for Sri Lanka vs. England series which was played in Sri Lanka has been misappropriated and was sent to another account.

Meanwhile, there was a forensic audit carried out to probe into internal crisis at SLC. It was then revealed that another financial misallocation of the same nature had occurred unbeknownst to the authorities at SLC during the South Africa vs. Sri Lanka series.

Isn’t SLC the body which is responsible behind all of this? Colossal embezzlements were seen throughout the years. Large sums of money are just flowing to foreign bank accounts right under the noses of the authorities at SLC.

Who is moving this money around? What is the reason behind it? Administration at SLC beware of what we have to reveal.

  1. On the 10th of September 2018, SLC issued a press release stating that it had managed to neutralize a possible financial misallocation which had taken place when receiving payment for the broadcasting rights for the series which was held between SL and England.
  2. Money was to be transferred to a bank account in Hong Kong under the name Fanya Silu and it was revealed that the Head of Finance of SLC had advised the money to be transferred to the account.
  3. Revealed that the account named Fanya Silu had been opened on the 17th of September 2017 by a Chinese national as a sole proprietorship.
  4. However, the Chinese national had resigned from his post on the 3rd of September 2018, 7 days prior to this media release, the Chinese national had resigned and a new owner had not been appointed.
  5. However, the bank account had been opened in such a manner where the money would automatically transfer to a US bank account.
  6. The press release also said that the issue would be directed to the FCID, however, as a result of continuous reporting from us, it had been lodged at the CID after a lapse of a month.
  7. It was also revealed that a sum of US$ 187,084 had been transferred to a bank overseas. Funds for the broadcasting rights of the SA vs SL series.
  8. Forensic Audit revealed that the 2nd payment of US$ 436,541 for the SA vs SL series had been transferred to an account at the Wells Fargo bank.

Although all these details have been exposed, the SLC has failed to show its transparency or to even reveal where the money had come from even after a year and 22 days.


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