“I value my dignity more than the Presidency” : Sajith Premadasa

“I value my dignity more than the Presidency” : Sajith Premadasa

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25 Sep, 2019 | 10:19 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – A special rally was organized at the Matugama public grounds to welcome the Deputy Leader of the UNP, Minister Sajith Premadasa in Kalutara today (September 25).
This really is the fourth in a string of rallies organized to welcome the Deputy Leader of the UNP, Minister Sajith Premadasa. The first of the rallies’ was organized in Badulla, followed by two other rallies which were held in Matara and Kurunegala.

Today’s public rally named “Sajith is coming” saw the attendance of several Ministers and MPs representing the United National Party.

Deputy Leader of the UNP, Minister Sajith Premadasa was welcomed warmly by the people on reaching the Matugama public grounds.

The rally commenced following religious observances.

Addressing the gathering at the rally, Deputy Leader of UNP, Minister Sajith Premadasa stated that he is not a puppet or a scarecrow of anyone adding that he has a heart, a body and a soul of his own. “My conscience is what guides my actions and feelings. I would like to clearly state, I will not agree to a political endeavor which includes conditions. My friends, I have something which I value more than the Presidency. That is my dignity”, he emphasized. He added that he will not deceive his dignity, his country, and his people for the Presidency or any other form of leadership. He highlighted that the obstacles he encountered were very intriguing noting that he is “very well seasoned to face any obstacle” for he has served the public for many years. “No one can stop Sajith Premadasa’s journey towards developing this nation”, he continued.

Non-Cabinet Minister of Digital Infrastructure & IT, Ajith P. Perera affirmed that Sajith Premadasa will be selected as the President of the country on the 17th of November. He emphasized that only Sajith Premadasa is able to develop the country, the only one who understands the agony of the common man, the starvation of the people, the struggles of the middle class and the issues of the state employees.

Minister of Telecommunication, Foreign Employment & Sports, Harin Fernando highlighted that there are only 52 days from today to the 16th of November until they make Sajith Premadasa the president. He added that they would make Sajith Premadasa the president in the same revolutionary ways they followed to make Ranil Wickremesinghe the Prime Minister. “Everyone in the village, the bus stop, and the market ask for Sajith. Sajith is here. He is here now. It is up to you now to do the rest”, he continued.

MP of UNP, S. M. Marikkar highlighted that regardless of the opinions of any party or party leader, the Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamil communities request for Sajith Premadasa.

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