"PM is making fairy tale statements"

"PM is making fairy tale statements, when people are struggling to make ends meet" - Convenor of National Peoples Council

by Staff Writer 31-08-2019 | 8:50 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st):- Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe attended several events which were held in Kuliyapitiya today (August 31). The foundation stone for the National Education Science Faculty to be constructed in Narangala, Kuliyapitiya was laid under the auspices of the Prime Minister. This faculty which is being constructed with the support extended by Korea and will incur a cost of Rs. 3000 million. Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe says that as part of the education system that they would next open the medical faculty of the Wayamba University, which would be the second medical faculty established under their government. He further said that they hope to establish the third medical faculty in Moratuwa and that in September they will launch a program to provide tabs to the Grade 12 and 13 students while also saying that they will first provide tablet computers to all national schools, he then said that they will eventually move onto provincial council schools, since everyone hopes to build a house for themselves, along with a personal vehicle. He went onto say that everyone prefers to go on a personal tour to countries like Singapore or India, once in a while, although visiting Dubai could be hard. The Prime Minister also said that this happens in other countries and that our country should also move into such a modern economy, where our knowledge should be renewed, where our vocational training should be renewed. Wickremesinghe states that the upcoming five years is to renew the economy, while also saying that all this requires that a large amount be allocated for villages which would also give everyone an opportunity to build bigger houses for themselves and live with no fear at all. However, this statement was met with rejection by certain people. Convenor of the National Peoples Council, Chameera Perera questions if this is something that should be told by the Prime Minister of the country, while jokingly adding that such things they have only come across in fairytales. He added that the Prime Minister of the country makes such statements when the people are struggling to make their daily ends meet. JVP's UVA provincial councillor, Samantha Vidyarathna also speaking on the same statement, said that they do not recognize Wickremesinghe as a suitable leader for the country, nor for the party and that even the people no longer recognize him as a suitable leader. Speaking on the history of the Prime Minister's similar statements, he said that at one point, the Prime Minister had stated that chewing gums and Ipads should be distributed among the people, then had gone onto say that free wifi facilities should be provided to all, and later had said that gym equipment should be provided to all villages. Vidyarathna said that all these statements are clearly political jokes and said that if the people of the country need to have fun by such jokes, that he is the perfect leader for it. He continues to say that the UNP has now fallen into a desperate situation, not because of its party members, but because of its leaders as they have now even called for disciplinary inquiries. He added that now it is the same issue even in the group that is led by Mahinda Rajapaksa.   https://youtu.be/2RRnbxgCfCQ