A majority of the Maha Sanga is gathering around Minister Sajith Premadasa – Ven. Mathurata Dhamma Rathana Thero

A majority of the Maha Sanga is gathering around Minister Sajith Premadasa – Ven. Mathurata Dhamma Rathana Thero

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28 Aug, 2019 | 9:14 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – A media briefing was held by several Theros regarding the allegations of the disappearance of Rs 1.2bn from the Central Cultural Fund and Prime Minister’s instructions to hold an investigation regarding this incident. Ven. Kotte Vidura Kiththi Thero, Viharadhipathi of the Deraniyagala Sambodhi Viharaya shared the Maha Sangha’s dissatisfaction and objection towards this investigation. The Thero questioned the political motive behind the entire scenario and claimed that it was Minister Sajith Premadasa who looked into the needs of the people.

Ven. Morawaka Sangharakkhitha Thero, Viharadhipathi of Ratmalana Bharatha Viharaya questioned how low the prime minister can sink himself with these defamations. The Thero confidently stated that even if the prime minster throws all the garbage in the Beira lake at Minister Sajith Premadasa they would ensure him to be the state leader.

Ven. Maturata Dhamma Ratana Thero, Secretary of All Ceylon Tri-Sects United Sangha Front sarcastically noted that construction of Dhamma schools which provide Dhamma education has been considered as the malpractice. The Thero further added that the government should focus on fraudulent activities at SriLankan Airlines and Central Bank first.

The Thero finally noted that most of the Theros are gathering to support Minister Sajith Premadasa and this is an attempt to condemn it.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Minister Rauff Hakeem was grilled by journalists today on how the SLMC would support the new alliance formed by the United National Front. Minister Rauff Hakeem declared that they would only consider the formation of an alliance following the announcement of the presidential candidate of the United National Party.

He added that yesterday (August 27) the party leaders met the UNP leadership and requested for this issue to be resolved immediately and the UNP leader had given his assurance that he would resolve the issue.

He further added that they needed a leader who is popular among the people and upon the inquiry by a journalist regarding the Minister Sajith Premadasa, he shared that if the people favour him, the UNP must accept it.


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