I will take sports to a new age after November : Minister Sajith Premadasa

I will take sports to a new age after November : Minister Sajith Premadasa

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14 Aug, 2019 | 8:16 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Sadha Loka Poojitha Aravinda de Silva model village built in Beliatta, Hambantota was vested with the public earlier today(August 14).

The event was graced by the Deputy Leader of the United National Party, Minister Sajith Premadasa who was warmly welcomed upon his arrival at Mihidupura in Beliatta.

“Sadha Loka Poojitha Aravinda de Silva” model village is the 248th village built under the Semata Sevana Yali Pibidena Uda Gammana Programme. This village, comprising 27 homes, has been built at a cost of Rs. 26mn.

Deeds of ownership along with the houses were handed over to the fortunate 27 individuals. In addition, 27 plots of land for development were also distributed at the event.

In addition, home loans, Sonduru Piyasa housing loans and stationery for school children were a few among the programs that were carried out.

The village which was named after the former National Cricketer Aravinda de Silva who graced the event with his presence.

Aravinda de Silva, with his experience in cricket, noted that both in cricket and politics frequently you are pulled back by others. He added it should be commended when a certain individual overcomes it and gets the work completed. He went on to note that the country needs a strong leader with absolute decisions to lead this country into prosperity. He added that the citizens of the country will have an opportunity very soon to appoint a leader of that calibre.

Minister Sajith Premadasa, Deputy Leader of the UNP noted that in sports the path should be paved for those with skill. He added that opportunity should be given to those who are with the skill to develop sports in the country. He went on to note that a national policy for sports should be established and the practise of sports agendas drafted based on personal favours should come to a stop. He finally added following this November they would implement programs to uplift sports in the country.

Meanwhile, during a media briefing in Biyagama several UNP activists in the Biyagama area commented on the importance of Minister Sajith Premadasa representing the UNP as the presidential candidate.

Shammi Priyankara,  Chairman of the Forum of Biyagama PS contestants noted that UNP party supporters are adamant and they demand them to nominate Minister Sajith Premadasa as the presidential candidate.

Prasanna Vithanage, Convener of the Forum of Biyagama PS Contestants directed his thoughts towards the UNP leadership and noted that UNP should nominate the presidential candidate the country demands or both backbench and senior members of the party will be driven away from the party.

Janaka Premakumara, UNP organizer of Lower Biyanwila shared that they as the members at the grass-root level are close to people more than others and the entire country is demanding Minister Sajith Premadasa at the moment.


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