It is clear that SLFP candidate will be defeated: MP Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena

by Staff Writer 06-08-2019 | 9:20 PM
Colombo (News 1st_: Convening a media briefing in Colombo today, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna said it hopes to form an alliance with the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. MP Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena noted that Sri Lanka Freedom Party has a duty to form an alliance. Journalists questioned if they would extend their support if a candidate is presented by the SLFP. MP S.M. Chandrasena noted that taking a look at the results during the previous local government elections, SLFP obtained only 1.4 million votes. He noted that a candidate should at least obtain 6.3 million votes to become president. He questioned; "Will SLFP be able to find the remaining 4.9 million votes?" He said there is no issue in presenting a candidate from the SLFP, but based on previous results, it is clear that they will be defeated. MP Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena noted that they will definitely name Mahinda Rajapaksa as the leader on that day. Journalists pointed out that if so, there might be a chance where he loses his parliamentary seat. MP Abeywardena noted that anybody can file a case under these circumstances and anything can happen, but there are only 3 months left. He said an investigation or a disciplinary inquiry will not be done in this regard in 3 to 4 months and not a single leader is ready to conduct a disciplinary inquiry into Mahinda Rajapaksa. When questioned if Gotabaya Rajapaksa will be able to achieve victory by managing these things properly during the elections, he noted that they are confident that Basil Rajapaksa handles the party management and that he is the main character who strategically organize these things. Journalists then questioned if it meant that his name has been confirmed? The parliamentarian noted that it is not right to speak about party members and MPs until the party leadership announces a name.