Gammadda discovers a playground which once used to be a wewa

Gammadda discovers a playground which once used to be a wewa

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29 Jul, 2019 | 9:25 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The people who were left unheard by the authorities now anticipate the arrival of Gammadda, as its teams walk the length and breadth of Sri Lanka in search of issues gone unnoticed.

The Gammadda door-to-door team in Anuradhapura was welcomed by more than a hundred villages on the banks of the Yahale Gama Wewa.

The villages claim the “wewa” which catered to all the needs of the village is now a barren land similar to a playground.

Today(July 29) the Gammadda Team visited Thuruvila, Medawachchiya, Nachchaduwa, Kelegama, Netiyagama, Yahale-Gama, and Eppawala localities.

The Gammadda Team came across a group of people outside their homes and under the scorching sun in Alamkulam, Batticaloa who claim they live in constant fear of their roofs collapsing on them

The team walked cross the villages of Vakarai, Nawaladi, Murawede, and Kuchchankal-kulam.

Today (July 29) the Gammadda team also came across a group of children who study inside the building of which the roof is supported by one bamboo stave. It was clearly visible that if the roof is not repaired lives would be at risk.

The team visited the villages of Welimada, Uva-Paranagama and Dimbulana to listen to the issues faced by the people.


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