Officials ignore requests for a road to a village in Ginigathhena

Officials ignore requests for a road to a village in Ginigathhena

Written by Staff Writer

28 Jul, 2019 | 10:17 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Residents of small villages are of the opinion that politicians and officials do not care about their well being as their villages are not home to too many voters. These people spoke of their grievances to the Gammadda team who are currently travelling across the island in the true spirit of public service.

Speaking to the Gammadda team a lady explained amidst tears that they will not ask for anything, not even jobs if these roads are made properly because they have to travel many kilometres to even get a bus. Another man in the area said that when they go with their problems to the divisional secretariat of Gingathena that they mock them saying that the bulls from Gowalawatta have come with problems.

The anger of these people is justified. As officials do not visit this village. The villagers themselves have built a culvert and a small bridge over it. Now they only request for concrete to be laid over this bridge.

Although these people live simple lives they are not in debt to anyone. They only ask for a road to their village. The hearts of the officials at the Ambagamuwa divisional secretariat are not moved by the plight of these innocent people. Probably because they spend most of their time inside air-conditioned rooms.

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