New information on Sri Lanka Cricket fraud and corruption

New information on Sri Lanka Cricket fraud and corruption

Written by Staff Writer

25 Jul, 2019 | 9:33 pm

Colombo (News 1st): New details have come to light over the large scale fraud and corruption that has taken place at Sri Lanka Cricket. The facts were revealed when the Criminal Investigations Department made their case in Court today (July 25).

It was reported that the computer system at Sri Lanka Cricket was hacked and that it was revealed in an audit report prepared by a private audit firm. However, we pointed out that the report did not make any such insinuations.

The Criminal Investigations Department is conducting an investigation into an attempt to misappropriate finances at Sri Lanka Cricket. The CID reported to the court that the leading IT company that owns the computer operating system of Sri Lanka Cricket had confirmed that no such hack of illegal entry into the computer system had taken place.

The manager of this leading IT company located in Colombo also affirmed the fact that the SLC computer system had not been hacked. Meanwhile, the advisor to the company SONY in Sri Lanka had also provided a statement to the Criminal Investigations Department. She said that the computer system of Sony had also not been hacked or breached in any manner. She had provided this information to the CID in writing.

When the facts clearly speak otherwise under whose direction are attempts made to portray this incident as a computer hack?

What is the reason behind such attempts?

Is this all done to shield the perpetrators involved in the financial misappropriation during the transfer of funds for broadcasting rights?

Former Chairman of the SLC Thilanga Sumathipala noted;

“They say that during the time of Faiszer Mustapha attempts were made to take out US$ 5 million. Yes, there were attempts being made and if we were there, we wouldn’t have even attempted to do it. It is said that US$ 185,000 was sent to another country but we brought back that money because we suffered no loss. But why are these happening?” 

Was there a cyberattack on the SLC operating system?

Did the head of finance at SLC conceal facts from the CID?

How did funds get debited into the US account?

News 1st will reveal this information in the future. The fact that such fraud is taking place in broad daylight is indeed disappointing. The seriousness of the fraud increases exponentially when such actions go unpunished.

It was revealed in Parliament that the Minister of Justice had granted permission to the Chief Justice to meet with foreign representatives. The information about a building being rented out at very high costs to the Ministry of Agriculture is also coming to light. The country is well aware of the corruption at SriLankan Airlines. It is further disappointing to see that as of present foreign garbage have also come into the country. These are just a few.

The attention of the public continues to be drawn to the fact that all these incidents and more, have gone unpunished.

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