Garbage imported to Sri Lanka one year ago from UK

Garbage imported to Sri Lanka one year ago from UK

Written by Staff Writer

16 Jul, 2019 | 9:47 pm

Colombo (News 1st): On the very latest update on the import of garbage to Sri Lanka, the exporter – a company from the United Kingdom, is declared in the invoice as Vengaads Limited in London. The company was incorporated on May 19th 2017. News 1st is conducting investigations.

The consignment arrived on the vessel Thalassa Pistis that arrived in Sri Lanka in late January 2018. It appears that this consignment was stuck in Sri Lanka for well over 16 months. The customs have revealed that this consignment can be described as garbage.

There is some considerable concern that it has taken this length of time for this import to be discovered and highlighted. In investigating the reported address of the importer according to the invoice, it was evident that such a place does not exist.

News 1st cameras recorded the footage of declared address of the importer as mentioned. News 1st investigations have discovered a significant silence apparently ordered by those with potential involvement.

It is surprising that none of the ministries involved have made any comments as yet. Their silence raises questions as to whether there is a cover-up in the making. According to both the Central Environmental Authority and the Customs, importing of garbage into Sri Lanka is illegal.

If this is Sri Lanka’s policy regarding garbage, how could such a violation have taken place, without the authorities being aware?

Should not this consignment then be immediately confiscated and the wrongdoers revealed?

Should Sri Lanka be allowed to become a dumping ground for garbage just so politicians can further deepen their pockets?

Should not each of the government agencies embroiled in this controversy conduct impartial investigations to bring out the truth?

News 1st will keep monitoring this developing story.

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