A jumbo offering for the sake of the PM

A jumbo offering for the sake of the PM

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13 Jul, 2019 | 8:49 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): A group of individuals representing animal welfare unions, visited Temple Trees today (July 13) to hand over a letter to the Prime Minister.

In their letter, representatives of the animal welfare unions reveal that an elephant calf named Isira, belonging to the Ridigama zoo, is due to be offered to the Kataragama Devalaya to bring good fortune to the Prime Minister. The group observes that the calf’s separation from the zoo will create severe physiological stress to the animal. After handing over the letter, Ven. Pahiyangala Ananda Sagara Thero expressed the following views to the media.

The Thero who serves as Chairman of the Surakimu Sri Lanka Society said that arrangements have already been made to offer this calf aged around 7 years to the Kataragama devalaya, to keep bad omen away from the Prime Minister and to ensure victory during the upcoming presidential elections.

The Thero further said that Ministers Gamini Jayawickrama and John Amaratunga should be held accountable over this matter as it is a sin to use an innocent calf for political objectives. He added that these Ministers would even go to the extent of offering their own parents to become the President.

When journalists questioned the Thero if actually elections could be won by offering elephants, he replied that if that was really the case that Mahinda Rajapaksa also could have won the elections by what they did to the elephants Sindu and Raju.

The Thero further said that Minister Sagala Ratnayake will have to be informed to cast away bad omen of the Prime Minister since there is no other option. He firmly added that this calf should not be given away for this purpose.

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