UDA bending rules for Chinese Housing construction Firm – WHY?

UDA bending rules for Chinese Housing construction Firm – WHY?

UDA bending rules for Chinese Housing construction Firm – WHY?

Written by Staff Writer

19 Jun, 2019 | 10:26 am

Colombo (News1st) – The Director General of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) in a letter to Action TV has stated that our revelations on two UDA housing schemes, which were broadcast over the weekend, are baseless and false. However, the letter does not contain any details which disprove the allegations made by us on the said projects.

The Director General of the UDA has also conveniently failed to address the two main issues that we pointed out in our revelations. One of the issues that we highlighted was that bids for the two housing projects in Borella and Thalawathugoda were called for under the National Competitive Bidding procedure, but was eventually awarded to a Chinese firm.

The Second issue is that the Chinese company failed to meet one of the requirements set by the UDA itself. The UDA should explain to the country what prompted them to grant this tender to an unqualified party.

In addition to this, after it was proven that this company was unable to complete the assigned projects the UDA shamelessly intervened on behalf of the said company. The letter by the Director General of the UDA also confirms this fact. The letter shows that the UDA intends to complete the said projects with the candidate that they selected. In order to justify their rationale, the Director-General says that the Government stands to lose a great deal of money if the Chinese contractor pulls out of the project.

However, he contradicts himself in the same letter by stating that whatever losses that the Government suffers can be recovered through the performance bond placed by the Chinese firm.

So the question is, what right does the UDA have to intervene and represent a company which is failing to complete the projects that it undertook?

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