Chaminda Wijesiri levels allegations then backtracks, who is he protecting?

Chaminda Wijesiri levels allegations then backtracks, who is he protecting?

Written by Staff Writer

18 Jun, 2019 | 9:20 pm

Colombo (News 1st): What happened to MP Chaminda Wijesiri who was going to make a revelation about the present government?

UNP MP Chaminda Wijeyasiri made a statement that he would make a revelation on a large scale scam conducted by a Minister of the current government, in parliament today (June 18), and added that he will be taking a stern political decision.

However, this same MP, making a statement when leaving Temple trees yesterday (June 17) said the Prime Minister obtained all of the information from him and would directly intervene in it. He added that if there is no program to address this he would publicize all documents and recordings that were in his possession. When questioned if he will not make the revelation in parliament, he responded by stating that when the party leader intervenes to resolve the matter, there is no longer any reason for people like him to speak of it.


When children want to get the attention of their parents they cry, act out or throw a tantrum, similarly UNP backbenchers have resorted to making outrageous statements to the media and acting out in their own way in order to draw the attention of their party leadership and fulfill their personal needs. These people who come before the media and speak out criticizing the party and their party leader, later make agreements with the party leadership in secret and silence themselves by providing various excuses.

When there was a call from inside the part itself for a change in leadership, Kurunegala District MP Nalin Bandara Jayamaha once raised his voice and demanded reforms in the party. For this call to action, he received a position of monitoring MP and was later appointed as a Deputy Minister. Since then we have not heard of any demand for party reforms. ‘

MP Ajith Perera who spoke at media briefings during the 52-day constitutional crisis last year and raised a ruckus expressed dissatisfaction with the deputy minister position awarded to him. He was later silenced by means of a non-cabinet minister’s portfolio.

Palith Range Bandara painted himself as quite the rebel in the party, speaking out against the absence of an MP from the Puttalam district in the cabinet. Today he too is silent. MP Hesha Withanage who also demanded a change within the party has come to terms with the situation and silenced himself.

These are only a few examples. It is clear that these MPs raise their voices not for the people or party supporters but only for themselves. It is their responsibility to immediately reveal any details in their possession of corruption or any other malpractices.

Protecting such corrupt individuals simply after having fulfilled their personal needs is a crime.

Shouldn’t these corrupt politicians as well as those who promise to reveal them and then go silent after receiving perks and privileges be arrested and punished?

Who deceives the public, is it the MP who raise their voices for personal gains? Or is it the leaders who pacify them with perks and privileges? 

The people are left to wonder who is the real thief?
Or in the words of our Prime Minister “Kauda Hora?”


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