Muslim ministers, deputy ministers, state ministers resign

Muslim ministers, deputy ministers, state ministers resign

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03 Jun, 2019 | 10:38 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – All Ministers, Deputy Ministers and State Ministers representing the Muslim Community have decided to resign from their portfolios today (June 03).

UNP ministers including Rishard Bathiudeen, Kabir Hashim and L. Haleem attended the media briefing.

UNP MP, Rauff Hakeem noted that all the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and State ministers representing the Muslim community have decided to step down from their offices following several discussions. He said that they want to establish peace and harmony in the country and demanded thorough investigations into the allegations. He requested the CID to carry out these investigations and to produce their reports at least within a month.

He added they have nothing but utter disgust towards the government in its conduct during certain incidents that harmed the peace in the country. He continued that although they have resigned from their positions they would refrain from actions that would weaken the government and would continue to function as backbench MPs in the government. He added that they do not have faith in a parliamentary select committee to provide a solution for this crisis and they were completely in acceptance for any punishment if any one of them were to be found guilty. “We hope that the government would provide the same security for the public we represent” he concluded.

UNP MP, Kabir Hashim claimed that if the investigations into 04/21 attacks are biased or they are being manipulated, it is their duty to support the investigations. So by resigning from their ministerial portfolios, they have given space to the Army, Police, Intelligence units, and the CID to conduct all the investigations into these incidents and conduct these investigations thoroughly within a month. Legal action against anyone responsible for any action can then be taken.

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