What is the non-aligned movement?

What is the non-aligned movement?

Written by Staff Writer

01 Jun, 2019 | 10:08 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Sri Lanka, in the past, established and maintained close ties with developing countries, with its Non-Aligned Movement Policy.

However, what does the Non-Aligned Movement really mean?

The aftermath of World War II gave rise to two superpowers in the world: Russia led Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America. The Non-Aligned Movement as an organization was founded in the Brijuni islands in Yugoslavia in 1956,

Josip Broz Tito, former president of Yugoslavia was the first to advocate a foreign policy of neutrality, through the Non-Aligned Movement. The Non-Aligned Movement that was formalized in 1956, then spread internationally, and alliances with the two blocs gradually shifted.

The first female Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike was a leader who played a strong role as an advocate of the Non-Aligned Movement, and as a negotiator and a leader among the non-aligned nations. The non-aligned stance of Sri Lanka was highly appreciated by the international community, resulting in the Fifth Non-Aligned Summit being held in Colombo in 1976.

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