5 Reasons To Go Bold With Colorful Drapes

5 Reasons To Go Bold With Colorful Drapes

5 Reasons To Go Bold With Colorful Drapes

Written by Staff Writer

01 Jun, 2019 | 2:06 pm

01. To Bring The Outdoors In

When we talk about going bold with color, usually we think of a color-blocked piece of furniture, a large rug or vibrant, oversized works of art. And when we want to go big, we start looking for paint or wallpaper and turn to the biggest canvases in any room, the walls, the floors, and sometimes even the ceilings. But between one extreme and the other, there’s a middle ground—​one that we rarely think of, and when we do, it’s rarely first.

Window treatments, like long drapes, can have a lot of different functions in a room. They can certainly add to the drama of a space, accentuating the height of ceilings and architectural details like moldings and mantels. But they can also be a big part of the color story, providing a vibrant backdrop for the rest of the room.

There are other advantages to consider as well. Drapery isn’t as labor intensive or as permanent as paint or wallpaper, they’re easily changed for a new look, and most of all, the color that they add to a room is much subtler than what you’ll get from a painted wall or floor.

At the same time, the right colors on your drapes can give your room an added emotional element, creating spaces that feel just the way you want them to and that make you feel that way too. So here are 6 reasons get colorful with your drapes for a space you’ll never want to leave.

This room takes on a refreshing natural feel with drapes in bright, leafy green. The wood tones in the floor and table legs stand out while the other earth tones feel differently in context with the green than they would against drapes in beige or another neutral tone. Pairing the curtains with the greenery on the table only serves to get the point further across, giving this neutral-heavy space an excellent taste of the great outdoors.

02. To Define Your Space

Using drapes as a room divider is a great way to carve up space to create distinct areas. This is an especially useful tactic when decorating in wide open loft spaces or studios that can benefit from greater definition and seclusion. If you’re already going to use a curtain to divide your rooms, don’t just define the area, use the curtain to add in a little color and give your spaces even more personality.

The unusual grid pattern on this curtain provides a perfect colorful backdrop for this dining room. In a space dominated by neutrals, the curtain adds a significant pop of texture by giving both the solid color furniture and the light pink walls something to stand out against. Meanwhile, separating the dining room from other spaces, like the living room or bedroom.

03. To Liven Things Things Up

Let’s face it; some colors get you going. Reds and oranges are powerful, activating colors that fill us with energy, which can make them a good choice for the home when used in moderation. For rooms with a moody color palette or a largely traditional feel, use drapes in an energetic tone to avoid feeling too heavy and give the room some life.

Here, a very traditional room setting gets a bit of modern edge with bright orange drapes that bring fresh, vibrant energy to the space, while the subdued nature of the furnishings and accessories keep it from being overwhelming. When using colors like orange, balance is key.

We want the energy that these colors can bring without letting it overwhelm the space. So always be sure to pair your hyperactive shades with cool or neutral tones that will keep things under control.

04. To Create An Oasis

On the other end of the color scale, there are cool, soothing colors that can turn your entire room into an escape from the every day. In this room, bright teal curtains reminiscent of bright summer skies and tropical blue waters give this room a relaxing vacation-like feel.

When you need a room to feel like a getaway, strong doses of cool blues against light neutrals will create a wonderful sand-and-surf combination that will ale you feel like you’re at the beach every day.



05. To Make Yourself Smile

In the end, the best reason to bring in colorful drapery to liven up a space is the same reason that makes us decorate the area in the first place—​it makes us happy. To help keep that fact at the top of mind all the time, treat your room and yourself to drapery in big smile-inducing colors like bright yellow.

Whether it’s in a room with a strictly black-and-white palette or amid a mix of colors as seen here, bright yellow is guaranteed to be the star of the show. Though it is very strong, yellow is also a color that can play nicely with others, as in this room where it complements every other shade in the room.

So if you’re looking for a room that gets an emotional response from you every time you’re in it, a bright, happy yellow will have you feeling just right.






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