We are the hope we are looking for…

We are the hope we are looking for…

We are the hope we are looking for…

Written by Staff Writer

14 May, 2019 | 9:47 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Several reports of violence were reported throughout the night from several parts of Sri Lanka. As we pointed out before, these shameful acts of cowardice are perpetrated by groups controlled by certain political elements with twisted vested interests.

The behavior of many of the offenders seems to indicate that they were under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Many of us still bare the dark scars of Black July, in 1983- the shameful ethnic pogrom that left Sri Lanka torn apart, in economic shambles and gave birth to a 30-year civil war. What’s more, Sri Lanka was brought to her knees before the international community. The designs and objectives of the politicians of the day were achieved. The people paid the price.

And the sins of the past continue to haunt us even in Geneva.

Today, we the people, are confronted with the same choice we faced in 1983. Do we allow opportunistic politicians to have their way and ruin our nation, or do we stand united as one nation, against these devilish efforts?

The shameless acts of a small group of terrorists do not represent a community that is an integral part of the beautiful tapestry that makes up our multi-cultural nation. And retaliating against the acts of terrorists by harming lives and looting property, cannot be tolerated by any civilized society.

It is for this reason, that we reiterate, that we MUST stand united against unscrupulous political elements even at the highest level for mere political short-term gain, and hell-bent on harming our nation.

We must also stand against foreign forces that are waiting for an opportunity to extend their influence on our nation by making use of the unrest created by the incompetence and stupidity of our so-called leaders.

We are the hope, we are looking for. We have only ourselves to depend on. We have only one nation, Sri Lanka, to call our own.

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