Sajith is accepted by the entire nation – Vijith Priyantha

Sajith is accepted by the entire nation – Vijith Priyantha

Written by Staff Writer

18 Apr, 2019 | 9:01 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Former UNP Western Provincial Councilor Vijith Priyantha expressed the following views at a press conference held in Horana today (April 18).

He noted that Sajith Premadasa is a leader who is accepted by the entire nation and the UNP is safeguarded because of him. He noted that today he fights with all the Rajapaksas in Hambantota in order to safeguard the party and most of the gentlemen who wear ties in Colombo hold posts in parliament and ministerial posts because of the late President R. Premadasa.

Priyantha noted that some tell him not to come back to the village if Sajith Premadasa is not selected as the next presidential candidate. He questioned if this cannot be understood by the gentlemen who wear ties and coats, what can they do?

He believes that the party leader will take a decision to give the opportunity to Sajith Premadasa.

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