Lankan makes history by running a marathon across the seven continents

Lankan makes history by running a marathon across the seven continents

Lankan makes history by running a marathon across the seven continents

Written by Lethonkie Fernando

13 Feb, 2019 | 6:37 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – We are all granted with only a short span of life to live up to our potential. In this short span, do we have the courage to strive for our dreams? Or do we stick to our comfort zone with the same boring things we do on a daily basis?

While most of us are stuck in a constant rat-race, there are some out there in the world who decide to do something extraordinary and enter the history books. This is a story about one of those people who decided to give his best shot at doing something extraordinary.

To put things into perspective, how many of us struggle to get out of bed in the morning? – I mean, that in itself is a workout for some. Then there are some who do a sport or two to stay fit – like squash or going for a run in the morning/evening.

Then there is Hassan Esufally (27), a Sri Lankan, who decided to run a marathon. Across the seven continents.

How strenuous is it to run a marathon? Or to be more specific a marathon around the seven continents of the world. This is no ordinary feat, it requires an intense amount of training, commitment, and hard work.

This task may be a marvel for most of us at first glance, but there are over 200 people in the modern century who have successfully attempted it. These athletes are members of an elite fraternity called the “Seven Continents Club.”

Hassan made history as the first Sri Lankan to achieve the feat.

The early life of Esufally

Hassan obtained his primary education from the British School in Colombo. He graduated in Australia where he obtained a double major in management and marketing from the University of Melbourne. Having nurtured a yearning love for tennis from an early age, he drew towards undertaking this task as part of a challenge he had with a colleague in university.

The road to achieving the seven continents challenge

Speaking to us on his journey, Hassan said that there were sacrifices and commitments that he had to make every passing day. His intense daily routine itself meant having to run, swim, cycle etc for long hours each day.

He laughed and added that by the end of his weekly routine, it sums up to half a marathon done every single week.

The Challenge

During the seven continent run Hassan ran with animals in the African savanna, travelled on the world’s hardest trail; the “Inca trail” which finishes near the world heritage Machu Pichu. He even ran in minus 20 degrees freezing cold in Antarctica.

Hassan Esufally noted that this phenomenal task was achieved over a period of two-four years. But, in the meantime, he had also competed in “Iron Man” events which calls for a 3.86km swim, a 180km bike ride, and a 42.4 km marathon.

Hassan Esufally takes pride in relating his story to the people back in Sri Lanka, the rare places he had the opportunity to witness, the different people he met from all over the world. The adventures he encountered and the lifelong memories he made at such a young age is like a feather in his hat.

He told us that the reception he gets from the people in Sri Lanka is amazing.

What drove him to do what he did?

The need to add glory to the name of Sri Lanka, the need to build a brand for himself -both locally and internationally, to pursue his love of travelling and also the ability to obtain a career in physical health- were all that led him to take up this extraordinary task.

After conquering the seven continents Hassan Esufally returns to his usual life as a successful entrepreneur, his wife, and family.

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