A warning to Micro Creditors by Dudley Sirisena

A warning to Micro Creditors by Dudley Sirisena

Written by Staff Writer

06 Feb, 2019 | 9:18 pm

Colombo (News1st): Businessman Dudley Sirisena, brother of President Maithripala Sirisena,  convening a media briefing in Colombo today (Feb 6) stated that microcredit schemes operating in the country are being controlled by the underworld and that they are using political affiliations for this.

He noted that the floating interest rate on these loans is over 75% and when the people can’t pay the loans the next step is to take sexual bribes. He pointed that this is the method that is used to rob the innocent people of this country.

Dudley Sirisena noted that the Inspector General of Police is popular in the country as an actor, a singer and a dancer. He requested him to fulfil the duties assigned to the positions he holds, so the innocent people in the country who can’t pay off these loans can lodge a complaint in the police regarding the threats that they face.

He said he has no issue in paying off his debts, but noted that the general public seeks his assistance to save their houses especially because he is the brother of the President. Dudley Sirisena requested the President, Prime minister and opposition leader to chase away these micro creditors from the country.

He noted that he will take the initiative in these areas for this. He asked the micro creditors to end their dealing by the 31st of March or he would lead the mission to chase away micro creditors from the country and make an example to Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the corruption engulfing the power sector in the country Dudley Sirisena noted that recently a process has begun to bring in a cabinet paper to award a tender for the construction of an LNG power plant amid losses of Rs. 90 billion adding that News1st had provided a clear explanation on the fraud being committed.

He noted that the company Samsung was rejected as a certain document submitted with the tender did not open on one specific computer, but it was accessible on other computers.

He said that he has no issue in speaking to the president regarding this in person but he asked him to look into it. He questioned; “What are the countries that use LNG to produce energy in the world?” Dudley Sirisena said all of these indicate the use of biomass, clean coal, wind and sources like these and not power produced by LNG.

He said there is a Rs. 90 billion loss from this tender and there must be some money that was paid to the unions.

He noted that the next big scam will be surrounding the Ilmenite deposits in Pulmude. He said at a time when the term of this government is coming to an end politicians are scrambling to get these approved sometimes even by force so that they can line their pockets.

He stated that the people who have been in Parliament wearing a tie and coat for the longest period of time are the best thieves in the country. He said one group is stirring racial tensions in the country and robbing the country.

Dudley Sirisena pointed out that no matter which government comes into power or which president comes into power the same ministers hold on to the ministerial portfolio. He said this kind of dirty politics should be done away with in this country.

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