Hollywood directors honored at DGA awards in Los Angeles

Hollywood directors honored at DGA awards in Los Angeles

Hollywood directors honored at DGA awards in Los Angeles

Written by Reuters

03 Feb, 2019 | 4:39 pm

REUTERS – Hollywood movie directors, including Oscar-nominees Alfonso Cuaron, Bradley Cooper, and Spike Lee, turned out in Los Angeles on Saturday night (February 2) for the annual Director’s Guild Awards (DGA).

Mexico’s Alfonso Cuaron, whose film ‘Roma’ has scored 10 Oscar nominations and a DGA Feature Film award nomination, said he was happy a Mexican movie had received so much attention.

“That is the thing that pleases me the most, the fact that yes I have all these nominations but als

o for a film that is Mexican and is a Mexican film that centers around a domestic worker from an indigenous background. You know, that is the thing that excites me the most,” said Cuaron. When asked about his Oscar and DGA nominations, “Blackkklansman’ director Spike Lee said: “It feels good. I’m glad I’m here. I deserve to be here though.”

‘Vice’ director Adam McKay, whose biopic of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is up for a DGA and eight Oscars, said fact-checking was an important part of the cinematic process.

“We know that we had to be very careful with all of our facts in our movie so we fact-checked it many, many times, we did a lot of research and certainly with the character element we were going to dive into it and sort of explore but when it came to the historical timeline we knew that that had to be accurate,” said McKay, who is nominated for the Best Director and Best Film Oscars for ‘Vice.”

“And even still there are people who say it’s not accurate so you know you are going to get hit with that but, yeah, we are in very divisive times right now so we tried to be as thorough as we could,” he added. Other nominees for the DGA Feature Film award include Bradley Cooper for ‘A Star is Born’ and Peter Farrelly for “Green Book.”

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