Drug shortage at Apeksha hospital to be resolved

Drug shortage at Maharagama Apeksha hospital to be resolved

by Staff Writer 28-01-2019 | 9:49 AM
Colombo (News1st): The Health Ministry states that the shortage of medical drugs at the Maharagama Apkesha hospital will be solved within the next two weeks. Director of the medical supplies division at the hospital Dr. Lal Panapitiya said there is a shortage of three drugs administered to cancer patients at the hospital. He added that two of the drugs will be brought to the country this week. Dr. Lal Panaapitiya said that the drug shortage was caused due to an issue in the procurement process. The management of the hospital has directed the staff to purchase these drugs through the hospital for the patients who need them. The Health Ministry added that sufficient funds have been released for the hospital to purchase these drugs from the private sector.