Mannar mass grave bone fragments submitted for carbon testing

by Staff Writer 26-01-2019 | 10:33 PM
Colombo (News1st): Six bone fragments which were excavated from the Mannar mass grave were handed over to the Beta Analytics in Florida yesterday (Jan 25) for a carbon test to determine when the remais were buried. Bone Fragments which were taken includes parts of the thigh and teeth as well. Carbon test results are expected to be delivered in three weeks. These fragments were handed over to the beta analytics institute in Florida by the team including Judicial Medical Officer (Dr.) Saminda Rajapaksa and the Commissioner-General of the office of Missing Persons Mirak Raheem. The team also includes Lawyers representing the relatives of Missing Persons V. Nirangen and Raneetha Mayuran. Speaking to the media Judicial Medical Officer of  Mannar District (Dr.) Saminda Rajapaksa noted that on the 25th of January they were able to reach the Beta Analytics institute in Florida and they handed over 6 samples to the institute which were excavated from the Mannar Mass Grave.