One act of selflessness; a new hope for the villagers of Kale Kumbukwewa

One act of selflessness; a new hope for the villagers of Kale Kumbukwewa

One act of selflessness; a new hope for the villagers of Kale Kumbukwewa

Written by Staff Writer

30 Dec, 2018 | 10:40 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The dawn of the 29th of December brought new hope to a small village in the heart of Anuradhapura.

The village of Kale Kumbukwewa, Thalawa was battered for several years in the face of unkept promises of various politicos who turned their backs against the villager’s constant pleas urging for a drop of clean drinking water.

The residents of this village quenched their thirst all their lives from water that was not at all suitable for consumption resulting in a huge number of villagers suffering from kidney failure.


For long years no one said or did anything, but finally, Sarath Kumara Wijesinghe a resident of Kele Kumbuk wewa and also a navy officer took the initiative to make a plea at the Gammadda office.

Who made this dream a reality?

As per their request, the Gammadda movement along with the generous donors of the Central Bearing and Machinery (Pvt) Ltd took a monumental step to visit the people and find a permanent solution for their problem.

But none of these efforts would have been a reality if not for the perseverance of a certain villager named Kumara (father of Sarath Kumara Wijesinghe) who donated his land for the project; a complete act of selflessness for the betterment of the people of this village. 

This man readily put the needs of 300 villagers by giving away his land to make this project a success. He greeted the team of Gammadda with an infectious smile on his face, the pride of having done something great for the village he spent all his life. 

What was done?

The Gammadda team visited the village along with an RO plant facilitating clean drinking water, provided under the generous funding of the Central Bearing and Machinery (Pvt) Ltd.

The people of this village were lit up with new hope, their eyes spoke a thousand words when they were informed of the benefits of the project.

300 people from over three villages will finally be able to drink water without fear of being plagued by kidney diseases. The parents who fought for many years for clean drinking water in this village will sleep in peace with the assurance of a secured future for their children.

That is the hope of Gammadda always and every day; from the people for the people! 



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